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Basic Operations

Initialize Web SDK

Create Connection

var conn = new WebIM.connection({
    isMultiLoginSessions: WebIM.config.isMultiLoginSessions,
    https: typeof WebIM.config.https === 'boolean' ? WebIM.config.https : location.protocol === 'https:',
    url: WebIM.config.xmppURL,
    heartBeatWait: WebIM.config.heartBeatWait,
    autoReconnectNumMax: WebIM.config.autoReconnectNumMax,
    autoReconnectInterval: WebIM.config.autoReconnectInterval,
    apiUrl: WebIM.config.apiURL,
    isAutoLogin: true

Add Callback Functions

    onOpened: function ( message ) {          // callback for successful login
        // if isAutoLogin is false, users need to manually update online status by setting, conn.setPresence(); 
                // Skip the following line if isAutoLogin is true 
    onClosed: function ( message ) {},         // callback for connection closed

    onOnline: function () {},                  // the local host has connected to the Internet
    onOffline: function () {},                 // the local host has disconnected from the Internet
    onError: function ( message ) {}           // callback failure

    onPresence: function ( message ) {},       // receive a user subscription request, dismissed by a group or chat room, group or chat room is deleted.

    onTextMessage: function ( message ) {},    // receive a text message
    onEmojiMessage: function ( message ) {},   // receive a emoji message
    onPictureMessage: function ( message ) {}, // receive an image message
    onCmdMessage: function ( message ) {},     // receive a command message
    onAudioMessage: function ( message ) {},   // receive an audio message
    onLocationMessage: function ( message ) {},// receive a location message
    onFileMessage: function ( message ) {},    // receive a file message
    onVideoMessage: function ( message ) {},   // receive a video message

    onRoster: function ( message ) {},         // handle a friend request
    onInviteMessage: function ( message ) {},  // handle a group invitation

Register Hyphenate IM User Account

Register Hyphenate IM account with username, password, and nickname.

var register = function () {
    var option = {
        username: 'apple',
        password: 'password',
        nickname: 'clock',
        appKey: WebIM.config.appkey,
        success: function () {
            console.log('registration succeed!');
        error: function () {
            console.log('registration error');
        apiUrl: WebIM.config.apiURL


Log in to Hyphenate Web IM with the username and password:

var options = { 
    apiUrl: WebIM.config.apiURL,
    user: "username",
    pwd: "password",
    appKey: WebIM.config.appkey



conn.close()   // log out and close the connection

Send Ajax Request

var options = {
    dataType: 'text', //default
    success: function () { //handle request success },
    error: function () { //handle request error },
    type: 'post',//default 'post',
    url: 'http://a1.hyphenate.io/weiquan2/a2/chatfiles/0c0f5f3a-e66b-11e3-8863-f1c202c2b3ae',
    headers: '', //default {}
    data: ''; //default null


Connection Troubleshooting

Q: Does the SDK support reconnection after an interruption in Internet connection?
A: No, please use the token to re-establish the connection.

Q: Unable to receive messages after logging in?
A: Make sure the user is online to receive messages. Check if the method conn.setPresence() is called after a successful login.

Q: Timeout disconnection?
A: The connection will timeout and get disconnected after certain time period.

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Basic Operations

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