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Welcome to the Hyphenate docs portal. Here you'll find comprehensive guides and technical documentation to help you integrate Hyphenate In-App Chat.

Get Started

Create a Hyphenate Developer Account

Go to console.hyphenate.io and proceed with the registration process.

You'll receive a verification email after successfully registering. Please activate your account by clicking on the link in the email.

Integrate Hyphenate Service for the App

Step 1 - Login to the Hyphenate Console

After you verify your email and activate your account, login to the Hyphenate console site.

Step 2 - Create an App

Click the "Applications" tab on the left column, and then click on "Create New App".

Note: The app name will appear as part of your API key value that is embedded in the app: ${org_id}#${app_id}

Step 3 - Copy and Embed Your API Key!

Copy the API key and embed it in your mobile or web app. Let's start chatting!

Full details on client SDK integration can be found here: iOS and Android

Create a Hyphenate Developer Account

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