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Setup APNs

Setup Apple Push Notifications Service (APNs)

Perform the following steps to implement iOS push notifications.

Step 1 - Go to Apple Developer Site

Apple Developer Site

Step 2 - Go to "Certificates, IDs, & Profiles" tab

Step 3. Create a Push Notification Certificate

Click "+" sign to create a new push notification certificate.

  • For the development environment, please select Apple Push Notification service SSL (Sandbox).
  • For the production environment, please select Apple Push Notification service SSL (Sandbox & Production).

Step 4 - Select the Corresponding App ID

In this case, we use the App ID, "io.hyphenate.demo.im", created under the tab Identifiers, App IDs -> "+" sign to create new app ID.

Step 5 - Create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) from the Keychain Access on your Mac

Step 6 - Upload the Certificate Request File Created in the Previous Step

Step 7 - The Push Notification Certificate Has Been Created Successfully, Download the Certificate and Import it into the Keychain Access

Upload the Push Notification Certificate to the Hyphenate Console

Step 1 - Export Apple Push Services Certificate

  1. Open Keychain Access app. Go to finder → Application folder → Utilities → Keychain Access
  2. Under the Keychains, select the tab login
  3. Under the Category, select the tab My Certificates
  4. Two types of environments:
    • Development: Apple Development IOS Push Services:io.hyphenate.demo.im
    • Production: Apple Push Services: io.hyphenate.demo.im
  5. Export the desired P12 certificate by right-clicking on the certificate and make sure you set a password for certificate

Step 2 - Login to the Hyphenate Console

Login Hyphenate console or Register a Hyphenate Account

Step 3 - Select the Corresponding App

Select the tab Push Certificate -> iOS

Step 4 - Add the Push Certificates

  1. This push certificate name will be used directly as the identifier in the source code, apnsCertname.
let options: EMOptions = EMOptions(appkey: appKey)
options.apnsCertName = apnsCertname
let error:EMError? = EMClient.shared().initializeSDK(with: options)
  1. Upload the Push Certificate Exported from Step 1.
  2. Enter the password of the .p12 file.
  3. Select the corresponding Certificate Type, Development or Production.
  4. Click the Upload button

Congratulations!! You have successfully setup the environment for the iOS push notification service!!

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Setup APNs

Setup Apple Push Notifications Service (APNs)

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