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Hyphenate is a cloud-based provider of in-app chat. We provide the SDKs and a hosted REST API to add chat to mobile and web apps. We offer the ability to add one-to-one chat, group chat, chat rooms, text messages, image and file sharing, real-time voice and video calling, emojis, typing indicators, location sharing, delivery status and self-destructing messages.

Stop reinventing the wheel and spending valuable engineering resources on building a chat infrastructure yourself. Hyphenate has your in-app chat system covered, so you can focus on building and optimizing the core features of your app.

Hyphenate provides SDKs for native mobile apps for Android and iOS, Javascript for Web, and the APIs for server communication between the Hyphenate server and your developer server.

Client Server Relationship

More About Hyphenate Backend

Hyphenate Platform Advantages

Hyphenate offers five core architecture design enhancements that efficiently handle a variety of complex services:

  1. Asynchronous - High concurrent asynchronous architecture that can easily handle millions of concurrent requests.
  2. Stateless - Stateless modules allow services to seamlessly switch between clusters in real time.
  3. Cluster Service - Ensures high availability.
  4. Horizontal Scaling - Optimized server configuration to ensure that each service cluster has high horizontal scalability.
  5. Peak Traffic Handling - Resource optimization with additional system redundancy, 50% for core services and 30% for other services, which takes care of the peak volume in various conditions.

Hyphenate Protocol

  • MSYNC is Hyphenate's patent pending protocol that is optimized for mobile device performance and built to handle sporadic and unstable mobile networks. It is based on a binary format instead of raw text like XML, which is able to compress message data up to 80%. MSYNC also reduces the message relay between the client and server. As a result, Hyphenate is able to deliver more information with significantly less overhead, less network bandwidth consumption, and better battery preservation. In addition, MSYNC is based on a persistent socket connection to establish real-time message delivery with extremely low latency in milliseconds scale.

  • Hyphenate employs a smart heartbeat, meaning it adjusts the frequency of packet relay dynamically based on the communication channel and environment. It minimizes the mobile device power consumption and cellular data usage without compromising connection continuity.

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