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Welcome to the Hyphenate docs portal. Here you'll find comprehensive guides and technical documentation to help you integrate Hyphenate In-App Chat.

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Integration Guide

Step 1: Create an Application

Register on the Hyphenate developer console for access to our in-app chat service by creating an application and obtain the API key to enable to the chat services with Hyphenate.

Create Your Hyphenate Developer Account

Step 2: Server Integration

Next, use the APIs provided by Hyphenate to communicate between your developer backend and the Hyphenate server. APIs allow you to create and bind your Hyphenate ID with your existing users or to fetch chat history.
Read the Server Integration Guide

Step 3: Client Integration

Integrate our client SDKs with your mobile or web client app. We support the following platforms:

more about Client SDK

SDKs have different modules to handle specific sets of functionalities.

Class diagram

Class diagram

  • EMClient: Entry point of the SDK and other classes. Perform login, logout, establish a long connection, etc.
  • EMChatManager: Manage sending and receiving messages, etc.
  • EMContactManager: Manage contact relationships, blacklists, etc.
  • EMGroupManager: Manage group operations, add a group, manage group members, etc.
  • EMChatroomManager: Manage chat room operations, add chat rooms, manage chat room members, etc.

Explore How-To Guides

In addition to the case studies below, you might find it helpful to review how message delivery works on the Hyphenate platform.

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Integration Guide

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