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Privacy & Security

Customers’ privacy and data security are our first priority and Hyphenate takes it seriously. We do not access users’ data content. All the messages delivered via Hyphenate channel are enforced security standard in all measures, authentication with OAuth 2.0, TLS/SSL, with optional end-to-end encryption.

Horizontal Scalability

Microservices architecture gives backend service clusters extraordinary flexibility of horizontal scaling. Hyphenate servers handle nearly a billion requests per day and tens of millions persistent connections. Independent service clusters run asynchronously with great agility with further extensibility but not yielding the high system viability and high fault tolerance. Furthermore, stateless system modules allow switching services between server clusters seamlessly.


Hyphenate’s IM solution is built to handle hundreds of thousands of user chat sessions simultaneously with extremely low latency with the guarantee of messages delivery.
Hyphenate optimizes the resources allocation and reserves system redundancy as a buffer for core IM service and other services to handle the unexpected rush of high volume. Whether your customs are asking about the best deals on Black Fridays or chatting about the real-time events during Super Bowl.